Interest rates might begin rising. Mortgage Market Update November 27, 2015

2015-11-27 | 17:12:08

Interest rates might be increasing soon! Not the time to rush out and buy for that reason alone though. Read why.

Time to get out of the interest rate mentality!

2015-11-23 | 16:42:25

Interest rates are not the most important factor when chosing your mortgage options. Those who choose by rate alone may be placing themselves at a disadvantage later. Mortgage agents urge their clients to consider the future when making important...

Mortgages with free legals? Maybe not such a good idea!

2015-11-20 | 13:40:11

Mortgages with free legal fees?  Are they really a good deal? Don't forget to do the math, just because the word "free" is in the offer, it doesn't necessarily mean its a good deal!DLCCanadaInc's Pauline Tonkin shows you the REAL cost of...

Finance Minister Revises Government's Economic Outlook. November 20, 2015

2015-11-20 | 13:36:10

Chief Economist DrSherryCooper from DLCCanadaInc is spot on with analysis of revised Cdn Govt economic outlook.Take a look, the forecast starts out gloomy but the federal government to make some changes to the way the economy is reported, namely...

That oh so important mortgage financing condition

2015-11-16 | 13:30:10

That oh so important mortgage financing condition - @DLCCanadaInc's Nathan Lawrence explains why it is so important. Its just not a good idea to make a purchase without a condition on financing. The consequences could be catastrophic. read on........

4 costly mortgage mistakes of those new home buying "incentives".

2015-11-13 | 13:22:11

Yikes! @DLCCanadaInc's Kiki Berg highlights the 4 costly mortgage mistakes of those new home buying "incentives":