Interest Rate Cut back on the table for July 2015.

2015-06-30 | 15:06:28

Canada’s GDP took economists by surprise Tuesday with data that showed the economy had shrunk for the fourth month in a row, raising the spectre of a recession. Read the following article from the Financial Post.Bank of Canada...

Situation in Greece causes bond rate to stay the same. Mortgage Market Update June 26, 2015

2015-06-27 | 15:46:51

   Anne MartinMortgage Agent | FSCO # M10002257705-720-10011-800-500-1841 | www.barriemortgagelocators.com39 Collier Street, Ste 300 Barrie ON L4M 1G5    Neighbourhood Dominion Lending Centres |...

A Profile of Home Buying in Canada by Will Dunning

2015-06-15 | 13:16:53

Today, CAAMP released its spring consumer report, A Profile of Home Buying in Canada.The report, written by Will Dunning, CAAMP's chief economist and compiled based on research by Bond Brand Loyalty (formerly Maritz Research), focuses on people who...

CMHC vows to retain 50% of mortgage insurance market

2015-06-01 | 08:46:34

CMHC vows to retain 50% of mortgage insurance market - BNN News. Also outlined are reasonings behind shorter amortizations, tighter rules, and insurance premium increases.

Inflation rate decelerates because of oil price decrease.

2015-05-22 | 08:01:14

Inflation rate decelerated to .8% because of low energy prices.  Read this article in the Toronto Star                                   ...

Dominion Lending Centres Chief Economist Sherry Cooper on bonds & mortgage rates

2015-05-21 | 11:38:41

   @DLCCanadaInc's Chief Economist @DrSherryCooper on @bnn discussing bonds & mortgages. VIDEO: ...